Indian Head Massage Online Training

Go beyond simply releasing headaches and tired shoulders 
for a deeper experience that heals body & soul

With the Stone Eagle Indian Head Massage
online training, do more than 
‘a nice head massage’


Learn a truly unique massage experience,
releasing tension in mind and body
with signature hot and chilled stone techniques designed to reduce strain on your fingers and wrists

On the surface, this seated 45-minute massage relieves tension
in the head, neck, shoulders, upper arms and upper back.


But at a deeper level, this training empowers you to deliver a treatment
that can awaken their body’s ability to support healing.


In this program you’ll learn: 

  • A seated 45-minute aromatic Indian Head Massage 
  • Signature massage techniques that protect you from strain injuries 
  • Thermotherapy techniques and the benefits of heated and chilled stones - for you and your clients
  • Traditional principles of the ancient art of head massage and therapeutic essential oils 
  • Social media marketing support to help you welcome in more clients (and more repeat business!)


Perfect for....

Massage Therapists 

Extend your service menu
from head to foot with a unique head treatment

Beauty Therapists

Enhance facial &
body treatments with
an indulgent addition

Hair Stylists

Spoil clients with a
massage treatment that takes
your services to the next level

Introducing your trainer


Sandra Jones-Rider 

Master Curator & Senior Trainer, Stone Eagle Massage Stones & Training


With more than 20 years’ experience as a Beauty Therapist and highly regarded Therapeutic and Remedial Massage Therapist, Sandra Jones-Rider is an expert in her field. As the owner of Stone Eagle Massage Stones & Training, she is regularly booked out for hands-on training across the country.


Having studied extensively in America and Australia, she has combined her knowledge and skills to create many unique and powerful stone massage techniques to enhance your services menu and reduce the risk of strain injuries for therapists and their clients. 

Indian Head Massage offers so many benefits for your clients

(to have them coming back for more)

  • Powerful stress relief - Antidote to stress, anxiety and mental tension
  • Revitalised mental capacity - Clears the mind, improves alertness, concentration and productivity
  • Deeper healing - Gives a sense of calm and peace
  • Physical healing - Calms the respiratory system, and improves circulation, muscle tone and mobility, and lymphatic drainage from the head, neck and shoulder area
  • Better hair growth thanks to increased blood flow enhancing nourishment to the muscles 
  • Increases circulation of cerebral spinal fluid around the brain
  • Relieves eyestrain, headaches, sinusitis, congestion and insomnia
  • Activates the parasympathetic system, awakening the body’s desire to heal

Easy to access

With ongoing support

  • Video Content

    Comprehensive videos detail each step of the treatment, including correctly identifying and manipulating different muscle groups,  how to avoid burning yourself or your clients, and how to use the stones to decrease the chance of career-ending strain injuries to your  fingers, hands and wrists


  • Worksheets

    Downloadable worksheets outline the step-by-step procedure for the treatment so you can easily follow the video and refine your technique

  • Lifetime access

    Enjoy lifetime access so you can learn at your own pace and come back to refresh your skills whenever you like.

  • Personalised support

    Not sure if your technique is quite right? Simply book a time with our HelpDesk for personalised support at a time that suits you

  • Membership Portal

    Easily access the training materials from anywhere via the online membership portal. The portal is easy to use, but we’re on hand to support you if you ever get stuck! ​

Learn a beautiful Ayurvedic treatment,
​complemented by signature massage techniques designed to save you from strain injuries 


Learn about thermotherapy – using stones to correctly apply heat and cold to release the fascia muscles instead of overworking your overworked fingers and palms.


Your clients will thank you as they relax into a deep alpha state, initiating the parasympathetic system that activates the body’s own ability to enhance natural healing – while your work with sacred stones and energy meridians empowers chakra healing.


Perfect for massage and beauty therapists and hairdressers looking to stand out with a head massage that complements their existing services, the Indian Head Massage training is a five-part program that can be completed in your own time – all in one weekend, or over a few weeks. 


Stone Eagle’s Indian Head Massage can be offered as a standalone service, or integrated into another treatment (such as a full body massage, facial treatment or hair colour session) for a gorgeous way to spoil your beautiful clients.

Choose what’s right for you.

Indian Head Stone Course Only

  • Indian Head Stone Online Workshop

  • Payment Plan Available



Indian Head Stone Course + Stones

  • Indian Head Stone Online Workshop

  • Indian Head Stone Set - Granite

  • Payment Plan Available



+ Shipping

Indian Head Stone Course + Stones + Stone Heater

  • Indian Head Stone Online Workshop

  • Indian Head Stone Set - Granite

  • Stone Heater

  • Payment Plan Available



+ Shipping

Empower your treatment with sacred stones that heal & nourish

Access to this course includes the opportunity to purchase your own set of beautifully handcrafted Stone Eagle sacred massage stones.
Perfect for hot application, these stones enrich the massage process with their own healing energies, allowing you to deliver a treatment that heals body, mind and spirit. 

Choose from our Handcrafted Stones in Granite, Marble, Semi Precious and Crystal Stones 


Working the Stress areas of the Body to Harmonise and Balance

Dreamtime Granite Indian Head Set

Working Acupressure points to Relieve Tension in the Body

Kakadu Granite Set


The Head is Massaged With Heated Stones to Relax your Client

Face Massage Adds to the Relaxation for your Client

Balancing the Chakras

Trained by Sandra and Expert in Her Field

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