Online Hot Stone Massage Training

 hot stone massage techniques 
that honour your body instead of harming it


Learn how to save yourself from injuries while you help your clients heal from theirs

When applied with the correct techniques, hot & chilled stone massages are the perfect blend of healing and relaxation, melting through tension in superficial muscles for a deeper healing experience. 


But far too often, therapists are suffering from strain injuries after being taught techniques that harm instead of honour the body.


A beautiful treatment for adding 
a little luxury to your menu

(and some longevity to your career) 


Protect your body from injuries while activating the client’s parasympathetic system, learning thermotherapy and stone application techniques to deliver the equivalent of x5 massage by awakening their body’s ability to heal itself.


This training guides you through the theory and practical application of a powerfully therapeutic 60 or 90-minute stone massage, harnessing the vibrational energy of heated and chilled sacred stones and signature Stone Eagle massage techniques that save your body - and even your career.


      Free bonuses

      One-on-one support to help you learn the techniques 


      We offer one-on-one Skype support to ensure your techniques are correct – for a better treatment for your clients, and a safer experience for you. 


      Free marketing support to help your business grow

      Receive materials to help you promote your new Hot Stone Massage service online, including social media posts and a Facebook-friendly video. 


      "With a normal remedial massage you’ll be quite sore – but the stones really do help alleviate that.

      So it’s a win/win for the client, and for the therapist"

      - Megan, Pure Heart Living 



      Introducing your trainer

      Sandra Jones-Rider 

      Master Curator & Senior Trainer, Stone Eagle Massage Stones & Training


      With more than 20 years’ experience as a Beauty Therapist and highly regarded Therapeutic and Remedial Massage Therapist, Sandra Jones-Rider is an expert in her field. As the owner of Stone Eagle Massage Stones & Training, she provides hands-on training across the country.


      Having studied extensively in America and Australia, she has combined her knowledge and skills to create many unique and powerful stone massage techniques to enhance your services menu and reduce the risk of strain injuries for therapists and their clients. 

      Sandra Jones-Rider, Master Curator & Senior Trainer

      "My journey with hot stone massage started when, frustrated by the agony of giving massages day in and day out, I was about to quit my job in massage therapy. 


      Even though healing others with my hands was – and still is - my lifelong passion, I couldn’t take the pain that was slowly stealing my career.


      Many of the standard hot stone techniques taught in Australia (and around the world) have led to avoidable strain and sprain injuries. The kind that end careers for many therapists – it even nearly happened to me. 


      But through hours of testing and trials, I’ve created stone massage techniques that deliver even more healing benefits for my clients, while protecting me from career-ending strain injuries.


      Today, I help heart-centred therapists from around the world find new ways to extend their treatments and their careers with hot and chilled stone massage techniques – I’d love to help you, too."

      If you’re in pain after giving a massage… 

      it’s time to change your hot stone technique 

      before injuries force you to change your career

      A deeper level of healing...

      Achieve so much more – by doing so much less


      This course will empower you with the knowledge to achieve a deeper level of healing for your clients – with half the effort.


      With thermotherapy, the stones melt tension in the superficial muscles so you can repair and restore deeper muscles more easily. And, you're activating the client’s own parasympathetic system to allow their body to extend healing beyond their session with you.


      The signature massage techniques developed by our Stone Eagle team are designed to protect your body while you heal others, giving you a sacred stone thermotherapy treatment for an experience that sets your menu apart. 

      In this program, you’ll learn:​

      • A complete 60 or 90-minute signature hot and chilled stone treatment
      • Explore a combination of massage styles, including Lomi Lomi, Therapeutic, Remedial, Acupressure and Swedish
      • Signature Stone Eagle application techniques that protect your body from injury 
      • Thermotherapy and the vibrational energy of sacred stones for a deeper massage that achieves powerful therapeutic results for your clients with half the effort
      • Correct stone placement for deeper client relaxation
      • Contraindications and precautions to keep you and your clients safe
      • Industry-recognised certification for access to accreditation points and insurance

      Choose what’s right for you.

      Hot Stone Massage Course Only

      • Hot Stone Massage Course

      • Payment Plan Available



      Hot Stone Massage Course + Stones

      • Hot Stone Massage Course

      • Warm Stone Set

      • Payment Plan Available



      + Shipping

      Hot Stone Massage Course + Stones + Stone Heater

      • Hot Stone Massage Course

      • Warm Stone Set

      • Stone Heater

      • Payment Plan Available



      + Shipping

      Empower your treatment with sacred stones that heal & nourish

      Access to this course includes the opportunity to purchase your own set of beautifully handcrafted Stone Eagle sacred massage stones.
      Perfect for hot application, these stones enrich the massage process with their own healing energies, allowing you to deliver a treatment that heals body, mind and spirit. 

      Choose from our Handcrafted Stones in Granite, Marble, Semi Precious and Crystal Stones 

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