Online Crystal Stone Facial Training

learn massage techniques to ​Treat your clients to incredible anti-ageing results 
by honouring the skin while energetically balancing heart & soul 
for a treatment that’s more than skin deep

The Crystal Stone Facial course is an online training program for massage and beauty therapists who want to offer their clients a signature facial treatment that delivers genuine anti-aging results for the skin, while balancing mind and spirit by harmonising the chakras with crystal stone therapy and massage techniques.


Learn European facial techniques and correct lymph drainage massage to give clients instant results that last well beyond their appointment.


A service that will set your menu apart

The treatment includes chakra balancing through crystal stone therapy, using the stones to activate anti-ageing acupressure points for a deeply healing treatment that supports mind, body and spirit.


In this program, you’ll learn:

  • A complete 60-minute crystal massage facial treatment using heated and chilled crystal stones, combined with anti-ageing lymph drainage, acupressure and European facial techniques
  • Thermotherapy and cryotherapy (heated and chilled stones) techniques for application on the skin of the face
  • How to rebalance Chakras using crystals for healing that’s more than skin deep
  • Contraindications and precautions to keep you and your clients safe


This course is ideal for massage therapists wanting to add a facial treatment to their menu, or for beauty therapists keen to deepen their expertise in facial massage therapy and sacred stones. The course includes Stone Eagle’s signature injury prevention techniques, designed to deliver maximum impact for your clients while protecting your body.


The Crystal Stone facial uses proven, gentle techniques
to deliver the kind of instant results
that bring joy to your clients – and bookings to your door

Introducing your trainer

Sandra Jones-Rider 

Master Curator & Senior Trainer

Stone Eagle Massage Stones & Training

As a Beauty Therapist and highly regarded Therapeutic and Remedial Massage Therapist with more than 20 years’ experience, Sandra Jones-Rider is an expert in her field. Owner, Master Curator and Senior Trainer for Stone Eagle Massage Stones & Training, she provides hands-on training across the country and online. 


Having studied extensively in America and Australia, Sandra has combined her knowledge and skills to create many unique and powerful stone massage techniques to reduce the risk of strain injuries for therapists and their clients.  

“Working as a massage therapist is a physically demanding job,

but with the right technique, you can protect your wrists and thumbs.


After 8 years in the industry I was exhausted, losing passion for my work and unhappy that my hands and wrists ached every day. But once I discovered stones, and the correct way to apply them to reduce injury, I was in love.


I call my stones my life savers, and love helping other therapists learn new techniques that support their clients, and their own health too.


Through experimentation, I found crystals were far more effective than ordinary hot stones. This is partly due to the stones’ high quartz content retaining heat for longer. But with practice, I realised these sacred stones and crystals were healing at a much deeper level, and my clients were experiencing deep shifts within themselves.


The Crystal Stone Therapy Training captures all of my learnings in an easy-to-follow program that you can apply in your own business”.

A facial treatment
that’s more than skin deep

This is a beautiful treatment that teaches the latest developments in European facial massage with correct lymph drainage techniques. Lymph massage needs a soft touch, meaning popular treatments are often too rough to deliver genuine results. Techniques taught in the Crystal Stone Facial course show you how to increase microcirculation in the face, releasing oedema and swelling and giving consistency to the texture of the skin – which is where the lovely glow comes from! 

Sacred stones for a facial
that stands apart from the crowd

The Crystal Stone Facial pairs massage techniques with the unique healing properties of Stone Eagle sacred stones and crystals to rebalance the chakras. Learn Thermotherapy and Cryotherapy techniques and correct stone placement to unlock the vibrational energy of the stones, while activating anti-ageing acupressure points for lasting results.  



Sandra teaches and delivers the most wonderful treatments. Best experience ever. Couldn't recommend her more. I could say so many more wonderful things about the treatments but you have to experience them yourself as words don't do them justice.

Jude Morganson, Townsville, Qld

Empower your treatment with sacred stones that heal and nourish

Access to this course includes the opportunity to purchase your own set of beautifully handcrafted Stone Eagle massage stones. Perfect for hot or chilled application, these stones enrich the massage process and balance the chakras with their own healing energies. 


Sodalite Oblong

Red Jasper Oblong and Wands

Lapis Lazuli Wands

Mookiate Jasper Wands

Lepidolite Wands

Rose Quartz Wands

Amethyst Tear Drops

Agate Tear Drops

Carnelian Tear Drops

Crocodile Jasper Tear Drops


The Crystal Stone Facial Set 


Optional Extra

Chakra Placement Set


Tigers Eye

Red Jasper

Desert Jasper

Quality, purpose-made
stone heater

Roccoco skincare set

Simple to access, with ongoing support

(it's easy, even if you're not great with technology!)

  • Video Content

    Comprehensive videos detail each step of the treatment, including:

    • How to correctly identify and manipulate the different muscle groups
    • How to avoid burning yourself or your clients
  • Worksheets

    Downloadable worksheets outline the step-by-step procedure for the treatment so you can easily follow the videos to refine your technique

  •  Lifetime access

    Enjoy lifetime access so you can learn at your own pace and come back to refresh your skills whenever you like.

  • Personalised support

    Not sure if your technique is quite right? Simply book a time with our Help Desk for personalised support at a time that suits you.

  • Membership Portal

    Easily access the training materials from anywhere via the online membership portal. The portal is easy to use, but we’re on hand to support you if you ever get stuck!

If anyone is unsure about doing this course then don’t be, it is beautifully put together with extra little bits of knowledge here & there along the way, I also have ordered some of the stones as again wasn’t sure at first but having a set here with me, they truly are worth it & I always believe to give a good treatment to your clients, it is very important to love the tools you work with too. 


Sandra & Clay are lovely people to talk to & are a great team, Sandra will answer any of your questions & help you if needed within the course & clay makes the beautiful stones that are infused with loving energy. you just couldn’t ask for more, so both of you thank you

Diane Rawnsley, UK

On the fence?

(it's ok to have questions!)

I'm already busy, will this course just add to my workload?

Signing up to the Crystal Stone Facial Training gives you lifetime access so you can study at your own pace, at a time and place that suits you.  The beauty of the training is that, in addition to a gorgeous signature treatment, you will learn important techniques that will assist you in protecting yourself from strain injures to your hands and wrists, with the added bonus of marketing support included in the training to help you promote this new service to your customers.


I’m concerned about managing my budget

While it’s important that you manage your own budget, this is a practical course and at just $350, all it takes is a small number of clients booking in for the service to recover the cost. Additionally, payment plans are available.


Do I have to purchase the stones?

No, you don't. In all honesty we feel our sacred stones and crystals are the best and so highly recommend them, but if you prefer to use another set, that’s ok too

Special Note on Payment Plans

Please note when choosing payment plan you must pay 3 payments before we can send the product out

Choose what’s right for you.

Crystal Stone Facial Course Only

  • Crystal Stone Facial Course

  • Payment Plan Available



Crystal Stone Facial Course + Stones

  • Crystal Stone Facial Course

  • Crystal Stone Facial Set

  • Payment Plan Available



+ Shipping

Crystal Stone Facial Course + Stones + Stone Heater

  • Crystal Stone Facial Course

  • Crystal Stone Facial Set

  • Stone Heater

  • Payment Plan Available



+ Shipping


With therapies proven to create lasting results, this is a beautiful healing treatment 
that delivers immediate and lasting results for your clients 
using techniques that protect your body.


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