Free online training

Heart Chakra Hot Stone Massage


Help clients balance their heart chakra
with this beautiful free training



Free access to signature techniques
that protect your wrists from strain injuries

(so you can protect your body - and your career!)

In this valuable free training you will:


  • Learn how you can physically remove the blocks on our Heart Chakra through the specialised techniques of using hot and cold stones
  • Learn how to use the hot stones correctly to take the strain off your wrists and thumbs
  • Learn how to use sacred healing stones to bring about healing for your clients

The end result?

A unique service you can add to your menu that supports your clients' wellbeing by treating mind, body and soul 

Frequently asked questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

Do I have to be a Beauty Therapist or a Massage Therapist to learn this technique?

Do I have to buy Stone Eagle Stones to do the Treatment?

How long are the videos? Will I need to set time aside to watch and practice the moves?

Do I get a certificate after doing the video course?

How often can I do these treatments on someone?

How do I heat the stones up?

Can I use the same stones heated as well as chilled?

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